Tom Lawson/Guitar/Vocals-

     Tom knew from the age of five that playing the guitar was his passion. He started playing gigs in high school and never stopped.
     His well-rounded knowledge and skills are due to his variety of influences: Jazz; Joe Pass, Alan Holdsworth and Al Dimeola... Rock;   
     Steve Lukather, Richie Blackmore and Larry Carlton not to exclude additional greats like Les Paul and Chet Atkins. Anyone he can "borrow
     from" to  become a better player.
     Tom's best experiences are anytime he gets to play, especially when the band has one of those performances where everybody is
     "locked in". It's when the magic happens... "it doesn't get much better than that."
     Rock, Jazz Fusion, Funk would be Tom's style but respects the challenge of nearly any musical genre done well. He would like to utilize his
     skill and passion for guitar playing good music alongside other musicians where everyone tries constantly to take it to the next level and
     make a good living at it. Tom adds that he has that now, the fellow musicians that is... making a good living with it... well, he's working on
     that part along with having roadies so he can relax after a gig.

Steve Mizer/Keyboards/Vocals-
     Seeing The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show gave Steve his first "musical goose bumps". Early in life he was also moved when listening to
     his dad sing solos in church on Sunday mornings. Because of Ringo, Steve first became a drummer and by the age of 19 he had learned
     enough on the piano to know that playing keyboards was his true calling. Other musicians that have influenced him along the way are
     Lennon/McMartney, Bruce Hornsby, Keith Emerson, Chuck leavell, Gino Vanelli, Steely Dan, Kansas and John McLaughlin.
     One of Steve's most memorable experiences was performing at the downtown Rib Off, in front of a massive crowd. Singing the last
     song I Will Not Go Quietly by Don Henley, the band hit the last stab and got the loudest reaction he ever heard from a crowd, "what a
     rush!". Seeing John McLaughlin and Chick Corea in Ann Arbor a few years ago was one of the greatest concerts he ever attended.
     Although Steve likes almost any musical genre, Jazz/Alternative and eclectic sounds like Bon Iver and Sigur Ros really move him these
     days. Bruce Hornsby is his favorite keyboard player. In a fantasy he would love to gig with Steely Dan or Bruce Hornsby.
     Continuing to make great music with BOFFO and writing/recording original music is Dr. Mizer's prescription to musical happiness.

Kevin Eikum/Bass Guitar/Vocals-

     Kevin's musical calling must have started in the womb, both his parents were musicians. During he pre-teen years, he took piano and Eric
     Clapton inspired guitar lessons, later playing in a garage band. His introduction to the bass guitar was brought about by his brother who
     one day came home with one and informed Kevin that he was going to play it for the stage band at Bowling Green High School, whether
     he liked it or not. Kevin says that it turned out to be "the best thing he ever did for me!".
     In addition to Eric Clapton, other musicians that have heavily influenced Kevin are; James Taylor, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Loggins &
     Messina,  Boz Scaggs, Doug Clark and His Hot Nuts, Red Peters, Slim & Slam including various Jazz players such as Paul Chambers, Ron
     Carter and Jaco Pastorious. The Count Basie Orchestra would be at the top of Kevin's favorite band list and musical genre?... Jazz playing
     the upright bass.
     Some of Kevin's most memorable performances have been playing with; The Toledo Jazz Orchestra, Kurt Elling; drummers Jeff
     Hamilton & Peter Erskine; The Four Freshmen and "true musical collaboration" moments... when it all comes together. Another memorable
     moment would be to perform with James Taylor.
     Having performed all over the United States and Canada, Kevin has already played some amazing venues and looks forward to
     performing... wherever it may be.

David Fogle/Drums/Vocals-

  Dave's first taste of playing an instrument was the piano at age of nine. Having difficulty with the left hand chording, he switched to
     the trumpet, not exactly his favorite. His family then relocated from Texas to Ohio where he was introduced to completely new music
     being Motown and radio station CKLW. At age fifteen he started on a rented snare drum which eventually evolved to his first drum set
     at the age of sixteen. By the time Dave was eighteen, he was out playing professionally and never looked back.
     Early influences for Dave were Motown, Three Dog Night, The Association evolving to English Rock, Progressive Rock, Funk and Jazz.
     Some of Dave's most memorable experiences have been opening for headlining bands like Donnie Iris, The Tubes, Paul Revere,
     America, Montrose, 38 Special, Spyro Gyra.... and the list goes on.
     Not a big fan of Rap or Electronica, Dave respects a great musician with conviction and soul regardless of musical genre. Other than
     his current band mates, he's been fortunate to have played with hundreds of musicians and hopes there will be hundreds more and would
     like to perform "everywhere I haven't played yet".